Who is Eamon Dingle?


Born and raised in New Jersey, my journey began with a tiny violin and big dreams at just 8 years old. Music became my therapy and my passion which grew stronger with each note I played.

Fast forward to today, and I'm juggling guitars, pianos, violins, mandolins, violas, organs, and more.

You'll spot me at weddings, birthdays, and even the occasional vow renewal. Studios, live gigs, impromptu jams - I’ve done It all whether as a solo, a band member, or part of an orchestra.

My musical explorations have traversed classical, jazz, funk, rock, country, gospel, blues, and traditional music from around the globe.

My education includes specializing in composition and sound effects during my undergraduate studies, and obtaining a Master's in Multi-Style Strings Performance. I carry over a decade of musical experience.

I am excited to share my experiences and teaching approach through in-person and online lessons. By simplifying complex musical concepts in my training materials, I aim to empower students to enhance their skills at their own pace. My mission is to equip learners with the versatility to master any genre and to discover their unique musical voice.


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