If you're a music student searching for personalized lessons to achieve your goals, you've landed in the right spot. I'm a seasoned multi-instrumentalist with a diverse genre background and over a decade of experience teaching students just like you.

    Whether you're aiming to master a few specific songs, enhance your traditional notation and chord sheet reading skills, or dive into learning multiple instruments simultaneously, my tailored lessons are crafted for your success. I've carefully curated courses to help you expand your repertoire, refine your techniques, and explore the vast world of music.

    My lessons focus on effective ways to enhance your skills across various genres through a technique-driven approach. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned musician, my customized and standard lessons are designed to elevate your musical abilities and cater to your unique learning needs.

    And if you're looking to optimize your practice routine, let's connect! Together, we'll delve into exercises I've developed over the years, integrate industry-standard practices from your preferred genre, and explore pieces that resonate with you. Let's fine-tune your musical journey and unlock your full potential.

Live Performances

    Elevate your event with a Live Performance. I have cultivated a profound passion for musical performance, having had the privilege of creating unforgettable experiences for my clientele. My repertoire includes playing the piano for ceremonial processions, captivating audiences with the violin during cocktail receptions, and setting the mood with electric or acoustic guitar performances at receptions. I also perform for churches across New Jersey, instrumentally enhancing off-Broadway productions, and paying tribute at funerals. I bring a dedicated commitment to infusing joy and sentiment through my music. I am honored to contribute to your special occasion. Please feel free to contact me for pricing details.


    I possess extensive proficiency in standard notation, chord charts, ear training, and adapting to various playing styles, be it by the book, on-the-fly changes, or improvisational directives.

    If you seek a versatile musician in New Jersey with a proven track record of performances tailored to a wide range of different settings and demands, simply head over to the "Book a Trial" page to connect with me!

    For samples of my work and to explore further, feel free to reach out via the contact information provided on my social media links available on the homepage. Let's make music together!


    With my extensive music education and experience, I can arrange pieces for classical and non-classical instruments, as well as transcribe music for you. I am “Eamon” to be an all-in-one guide for all your learning requirements.

    Contact me for samples.


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